You are finaly there!!!

So you arrived at Odihogavalo, and have received your

Perhaps you did already enjoy your little

Of welcoming, have visited the house, as you have taken

possession of it and...

You think yourselves that you came here to have a great time

and that a first swim in the sea is much then "a must" after all

the flight hours.

So, you're invited to use the

which are just waiting for you.

And so our little tip: take your car to the Tavronitis direction (

you turn left when you arrive at the main road), then ride ( no

more then 10 minutes) to that little village, and then install

yourselves at the "Anenomylos" beach.

A very quite small beach never full of people ( even in the high season) , just in front of the Anenomylos Taverna and coffee where you may enjoy deckchairs as sunshades . Just ask at the

Taverna for any beverage which will be put on the little table close to your chairs and stay all the time you desire.

A little first tip : we invite you to try your first "Caffe Frappe" with or without milk, with or without sugar, with…it's your choice but a real great beverage for who likes the coffee taste ( nd almost the national Cretan beverage) !

And if you want so you may also enjoy the beach chairs that you brought with you. However the beach (rollers one) is just superb, very clean, the water at a coll temperature and with

not a lot of waves. The calm as the place will carry you to the dreams as evasion visions…

Here's how that stay, your stay will begin on the best side !!

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