Come to Odiho Gavalomouri

And discover the Raki...

Of course, upon your arrival at Odihogavalo a welcome gift will be waiting for you, and it may be the first opportunity for you to discover this alcohol always tasted here with mezzes (croutons topped with olive oil and tomatoes, olives, feta or gravel).

But, and if everyone has heard more or less about this famous raki, here is some information that will help you to know more about it.

This alcohol was discovered by Greek monks in the 14th century who wondered what to do with the grapes after the juice was extracted. They therefore created an alcohol (37 to 45 degrees) that did not exist so far, and it was not until 1929 that the official authorization to produce his own raki was given because of a very bad year for wine producers.

So everyone has bought their own still,


started distilling the marc of grapes, and its production gives rise to real festivities where people meet around this famous still, singing, dancing and also tasting dishes prepared for that specific occasion ...

Yes, we do like festivities here in Crete! 

Cretan raki is called Tsidoukia and is drunk within a year of production. It is a pure brandy and without any additives whereas for example Turkish raki is scented with anise.

On the other hand we can also find it mixed with some honey and cinnamon and it takes then the name of: rakomelo (raki + honey).!!!


It's a pure delight!!!

Raki is usually found in small bottles of 20 centilitres while these are similar to measures that were common in Greece a few decades ago.

Raki has deep social meanings because it represents Cretan hospitality, friendship, sharing; and to be invited by a native of Crete to share this beverage is to be entitled to the glass of friendship!

So yes we will be happy to offer you this drink of friendship upon your arrival to wish you an excellent stay in Odihogavalo.

And so you'll be invited to toast wishing you all a "Stin Igia Sas! " Cheers !


Suzanne et Marc

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