Wonderful month of May

May is a few steps away from today

At OdihoGavalo everything’s ready for your stay...

The May month in our area (of Chania) it’s an annual average of...3 days of rain !!

The average temperature is of 24 degrees.

It’s the insurance to be able to swim in the sea (at only 7 km from OdihoGavalo) with an average sea temperature of 20.5 degrees.

Tavronitis beach

May 1st is here the day where for celebrating work, spring as the flowers and on that occasion the local people take advantage of the good weather to pick up flowers (that you won’t have any problem to find while strolling in the paths around OdihoGavalo), to make flowers crowns that they hang on their doors. where they’ll stay until the 24th of June. 

Crown of flowers

On May 1st in Fournes there are festivities around the oranges as lemon trees flowers distillation, and so it’s the opportunity to taste local culinary specialties.

May 1st is also for the Cretans the opportunity for the first annual sea bath.

On May 5th you may take your car from OdihoGavalo and to drive to Skinos to be part of the orange festivities and to be involved in the many folk dances performed that day. 

May 15th is the Fragokastelo’s Festival with its beautiful beatches and its Venitian fortress. 

On May 21st St Constantin and St Helene are celebrated in the churches dedicated to them. An opportunity for you who stay at OdihoGavalo to participate to a typical religious service.

Plenty celebrations are held from May 20 to May 27 around the Battle of Crete with athletics competitions, games in the Canee (Venizelia).

And even the sheep are honored in May (at the St George) in the village of Asi Gonia where we can observe the shepherds bringing their flock, milking the sheeps which are then blessed . Milk is offered to the population,

Asi Gonia

and a great party with music and food is hold for everybody and in which you can of course participate ...

So still not decided for a stay in May in Crete in OdihoGavalo?..

Feel free to visit our website to find out much more about the Odihogavalomouri region, the OdihoGavalo house, the special discounts you can get by us ... and of course to contact us.

So, see you soon !    www.odihogavalo.com

Suzanne & Marc

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