Who are we?

Mis à jour : 20 juin 2019

Hello, we are Suzanne and Marc, both sexagenarians, feeling

well with our lives and sharing a lot of humor on a daily basis.

We are both born in France and we met in August 2004 but we

got married (after a very ripe reflection…) in June 2018…

Since we know each other we have discovered a mutual

passion: travelling in the world.

The first trip that we carried out ( already in 2004) was in

Turkey and that time we really thought that Suzanne won't be

able to get to that trip (you know the bureaucracy…)

Marc then proved a great self control and showed very well his

negotiator side and thanks to him I shared that trip.

By our other trips we got to :

  • China

  • Finland (Several times)

  • Cambodia

  • France

  • Senegal

  • Rhodos

  • En #Crete (Yes!!!Several times...)

We mutually fell in love with #Crete island and we do hope to

help you by these articles in discovering that great place.

Thus we cordially invite you to comment, suggest, question by

our new topic "Your words as testimony"

Suzanne & Marc

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