Walks and hikes in Western Crete

Crete is if you want so not only beaches and clear waters, but also the opportunity to go for walks, or even hiking; to discover this beautiful nature, sites, monasteries ...

So already in front of Odihogavalo you can walk through the olives plantations,

Olives plantation

near the goats and sheep farms and then reach the village of Voukolies. A small walk of about 1 hour walk.


So here, in Crete, we can offer you dozens of trails to follow but we will limit ourselves to a few, the most interesting, the most "worthwhile"...

At the South-West of Chania you can take the paths of Gorges Voriano and Kidoni (easy walk roughly 2 hours). You will discover there an old mill, old iron mines, the caves of Neramias, an old lime kiln, and the green nature.

Closer to OdihoGavalo towards Kolymbari you will find the Gorges of Dheliana and Mesavlia. Easy walks of maximum 2.5 kms with lots of rest areas, drinking water, w.c ... A ride also feasible on mountain bikes. Cretan nature, cliffs, greenery, and the church of Agios Loannis with its famous fresco of the Dormition of the Virgin in Dhelania, At Epikospi you can discover the church called "La Rotonde" with a surprising architecture.

Near Kissamos you will find a walk to the Rokka Gorge which is considered easy (roughly 2 hours) .. Greenery, cliffs, nature ... to the Hellenistic archaeological site of Rokka. An ancient city with vestiges of houses, cisterns, roads, techniques of water recovery ... To see for who loves the remains of other times!

To suggest you other sites to discover we advise you to go a little further west of the island to Kissamos with the walk to Polyrrinia (loop course of an hour and a half considered easy enough). You will discover a Roman aqueduct, Venetian arches, a rock chapel, the Byzantine chapel of the "99 Holy Fathers", towers and walls of fortifications, and a walk to the summit for a magical vie ...

There are many other hikes and walks to walk by in Crete; and you may already discover the village of Gavalomouri by its trails and we will be delighted to advise you, you who will stay in OdihoGavalo.

So, let yourself enjoy your time in Crete!


Suzanne & Marc

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