To the beach!!!

And if the tropical beaches, the dreamy lagoons, the translucent waters were in fact located in Europe, in Crete, and moreover for many in the western region of the island, the one where OdihoGavalo is situated in?

If it is obvious that your stay in Crete will lead you to discover a culture, the gastronomy, historical sites, lively music, for sure different activities as your everyday lives; the choice of a beach where simply to sit and enjoy, to do nothing, just to be rocked by the sound of the waves is no less important.

Then we offer you here the escape with a big E, the one where you will feel elsewhere, far away, beaches of dreams which certainly have nothing to envy the tropical sites ...

So besides the beach where we like to go to Tavronitis (7 km from OdihoGavalo)


which is superb and little crowded; where you can dream on your sun loungers while sipping your cafe frappe; but against which is a pebble beach, we suggest the whole line of beaches (almost 5 km of fine white sand) that you will find from Maleme (1/4 hour from Odihogavalo) and which extends to Agia Marina.


Agia Marina

On site you can even rent windsurfers, jet skis ... but against, it is certainly fuller than that of Tavronitis...

You can go a little further; to the beach of Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania

which is a little east of Chania to Akrotiri (roughly 40 'of OdihoGavalo) and which is often described as the "paradise on earth" ... Imagine a creek with waters more than limpid surrounded by mountains ... On the other side you must leave your car on the heights and walk down (about twenty minutes). The cove totally isolates you from the rest of the world and so the sea, the view will be all yours ! ...

In the same area we invite you to discover the unique beach of Stavros


where the sand is pink, the water translucent like almost everywhere in Crete, for the children they can walk in the shallow water on a relative long distance, and ... here is a beach where were shooted some scenes of the cult movie "Zorba the Greek"

So heavenly?

On the west coast (roughly 37 kms from Odihogavalo) you must absolutely disorient yourself by discovering the beach of Balos: turquoise waters, white sand, between mountains, shallow water for the children,.


But here also you must leave your car on the heights and walk down to the beach. But the result is definitively worthing it!

Still in the region of Odihogavalo, from Kissamos you can take a boat to the islands of Gramvousa

forming a peninsula where you can only appreciate the beauty of the landscapes, the sea, the beaches ...

without forgetting on the heights the Venetian castle who served to protect the Cretans against Ottoman attacks.

Less than 60 kilometers away but on the other side of the island (on the southwest side), you can enjoy the view and awake your senses by accessing the beach of Elafonissi:


it is often considered as the most beautiful beach of the island (but the beaches are all so beautiful and crystal clear! ..): pink sand lagoon, translucent turquoise water, beautiful sunset on the lagoon ...

You've easily understood that the heavenly beaches are at your fingertips and you just have to decide to come to Crete, and why not at OdihoGavalo where even your beach chairs await you for an unforgettable stay of natural beauties .

Please let's have a seat!!!

So, see you soon!!!

Suzanne and Marc

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