The Venetian mill in Voukolies

If there is a visit of obligation from your stay in OdihoGavalo it is indeed that  one in that Venetian mill which is in 5 'by car and which will leave you an air of "this is it, we're in Crete"! It is a stone building surrounded by a nice garden shaded by olive trees and in which you discover the millstone where wheat and millet are crushed to obtain a very fine owl flour.

Moulin vénitien à Voukolies

Outside there is a rainwater harvesting well with a small network of channels bringing the water that will turn this millstone.

If the denomination of "Venetian mill" has nothing to do with these but defines for the Cretans all that is old, this is a resting, pleasant and interesting place.

And the icing on the cake: it is held by an elderly Cretan couple, not speaking a word of English but more than adorable! They guided us in front and behind the house, showing us, explaining us, waiting to see that we had more or less understood by their explanations without common language, and this with laughter, tugging ... More than friendly! At the end of the visit they made us sit around a small table and brought us orange juice, homemade cookies, glasses of raki, and as they produce a honey that has all of a "real honey "We bought a kilo. An unforgettable visit with people from another time and excellent products (including the kilo of honey) for no more than 10 euros for two ...  So you who are staying in OdihoGavalo, take a half hour, 2 hours and make yourself happy ...

Suzanne & Marc

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