The nature around Odihogavalo: Walks or by bike ...

The West Crete area, in the Chania region, is filled with natural surprises sites, with discoverie's places to make, on foot, by bike, with the family or for more experienced hikers or cyclists.

While the Samaria Gorge

are the best known but which access is closed outside the beautiful season, we offer here other walks in the region of Odihogavalo in any season.

Below are the Imbros Gorge.

Simply superb and close to Odihogavalo ... in the area!

A ride that lasts between two hours to two and a half hours, with a drop of 650 meters and several cool bottlenecks (quite accessible), in the heart of Cretan nature.

An invitation to discover the various plants and flowers that grow here and that you have not necessarily seen before.

The entrance to this ride is not free (a cabin near the village of Imbros will issue the ticket for a sum of 2.5 euros). Keep the receipt that will be requested at the exit of the gorge.

On your arrival you can have a drink in one of the local tavernas.

For the map, it's here

For those of you who prefer bike rides, we offer you a great ride to the lagoon of Balos ...

Imagine turquoise waters, fine sand, wild landscapes ... What more?

The bike ride starts from Kissamos (see map) with roughly 40 kms to ride and devolved to an average level of cyclists.

We invite you to book this tour at (Odihogavalo's partner site). They are extremely serious in their services and equipment.

When booking, indicate that you are staying in Odihogavalo to get a discount. The tour is offered in English and booked throughout the year.

This ride can also be done on foot (here)

So for you who want to enjoy not only the beach and the sea, whether on foot or by bike, we do invite you to find here a sample of what we recommend.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question concerning your stay to book on:

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