The Fournes botanical garden

And how about to take advantage of the fall season ( September - October) to visit a superb botanical garden in Fournes

The Fournes Botanical Garden is located less then 25 kms  from Gavalomouri ( look at the itinerary at the end of the article) , and therefore close enough to enjoy that great garden.  

We do strongly advise you to visit that "Garden of Eden" which for sure will leave you with unforgettable memories...

It is an extraordinary site at the foot of the White Mountain where you will enjoy with all your senses while strolling on a winding path, and where you will discover hundreds of plants, trees, fruits from all over the world , thousands of flowers aromas...

Great detailed posters make possible to recognize the different plants, to know their properties as their origin; and so, everything seems simple and well explained.

The longer trail lasts approximately 2 hours 30' ; as for the shorter trail, it will last only 1 hour. We absolutely recommend the long trail , not difficult even for beginners like us , and if you need some help you'll get some walking sticks before to begin your walk. 

The serenity of that magical nature is only disturbed by the birds songs, the calls of the peacocks, the ducks, the donkeys or the krikri , and you will fill all your senses while wlking or taking a little rest at the various landscape points. 

Once you'll finish your whole walk and for those who wish so , it's possible to get a local park production meal ; a way to continue that journey...

The entrance to the park is 6 euros ( 4 euros for kids between 6 to 12) and it is really worth it !! 

So give yourselves the opportunity while staying at OdihoGavalo to discover that lush nature. 

And if you need more details about that park get to :

Suzanne & Marc

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