The Cretan beer

If there is one area that we do not really talk about when we think about Crete, it's the one about the local production of beer.

And yet we must admit that cooling off with a beer mug (whith a local one) while enjoying the beach, the nature, the veranda in OdihoGavalo, it's more than a pleasure ...

Also here are some Cretan beer productions to know and discover:
So less than 20 km from OdihoGavalo in Zounaki Platanias you discover the Cretan Brewery that offers you to visit the facilities, to taste its various beers: under the name of "Charma".

In Chania you will discover the beer "White Mountains" where you can also, visit, taste .. (Lafka brewery).

And then everywhere in Crete you can discover different beers called: Pils Hellas, Odyssey White Rapsody, Alexander, Voreia Wit, Alfa, Mythos ...

And our advice: indulge yourself, buy various local beers, bring them back to OdihoGavalo and enjoy the fresh ones under your veranda or on the balcony, letting yourself be lulled by the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

And as we say here: Yamas !!!

Suzanne & Marc

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