And if we suggest you to still enjoy the spring weather?

So the winter time did already arrive at European countries but not everywhere…

Here in Crete we';re still like at the Autumn mild weather with the possibility to go and swim, for long walks, as long bike rides.

If nature around is indeed changing with its beautiful autumns colors, the weather here is still very smooth and permit to enjoy the after summer season for resting, discovering, tastings, and why not for getting to the beach and the sea (with an average water temperature of 19 degrees C).

At Odihogavalo you"ll find everything you might need on place to make you feel "home" with that superb nature around of olive trees, and in November the prices are more then interesting to you!

So, a need to go away, to breath out of your daily ?

Welcome at our, at your Home ! Welcome at Odihogavalo

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