St John the Hermit Cave

In that period of Christmas and the end of year celebrations, we suggest you to visit a religious site, 10 minutes from OdihoGavalo, near Kolymbari, and which will undoubtedly have all your interest. .

So we suggest you to visit the cave of Saint John the Hermit located in Marathokefala (region of Spilia), 3 km from Kolymbari

This cave was apparently used as a sanctuary during the pre-Christian period. In it you will find a temple dating from the 15th century as foundations of old cells dating from the 17th and 18th century.

At the entrance of this cave to its left you can see the crypt where St John the Hermit was hiding from the passage of shepherds and farmers. 

Adjacent to this crypt is a small room that served as a secret place of education during the Turkish occupation.

And near the temple outside you will find a crack through which "the holy water of the Saint" flows naturally and is stored in a well.

So let yourself go and visit these timeless sites that will undoubtedly touch you !!

And ... Enjoy your visit !!

Suzanne & Marc

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