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Odihogavalomouri indeed - The anti stress holidays guaranteed..

So that's it you have decided to book your rental stay in a nice ( really not expensive) house in Crete, in the region of Chania, and of course in OdihoGavalo, and ...

Upon your arrival you will get through this booking at Odihogavalo a discount of 7.5% on your car rental with our partner "Crete-Car-Rental

In that great area you have decided to ride a bike, to get to hinterland guided tours by bike and so we invite you to book your rental with our partner "Bike Project" and then to get a discount of 10% on the rental and 15% on the guided walks by presenting your reservation in OdihoGavalo. 

In booking your stay with us in OdihoGavalo you will be able to participate to local activities close to the nature and the traditions (walks, discoveries of the local craftsmen, kitchen ...) with a discount of 10% on all the suggested activities in the village of Vamos (less than 1 hour from OdihoGavalo)   "Vamos Village".

Would you like to learn about real Cretan cuisine?

You will be able to benefit of a "cooking" workshop with preparation of a meal of 5 different dishes followed by your lunch (well served with local wines ...) suggested by our super partner "Chania Gastronomy" with a special discount of 15% upon presentation of your reservation in OdihoGavalo. 

Of course you can also enjoy your stay by having a good time at the beach, enjoying a good "cafe - frappe", rightly admiring the beauty of the island, the kindness of the Cretans!

So, all you have to do is close your reservation to make the most of your stay with us! And as they say here: Kalosorisma! ( Welcome !).

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