One, two, three.... Let's dive!!!

You have arrived at OdihoGavalo ,

Rental holiday house

you have taken possession of this nice house, you have admired the surrounding landscape, you have already spotted the direction of the beach, stalls, walks around on foot or by bike.

Thanks to our partnerships you have visited the producers of olives, honey, you have participated in various activities, you had a great Cretan lunch (or diner)  you have jumped in paragliding.

And our suggestions of activities with special discounts do not stop there; we also offer scuba diving with or without material as boat trips 10 minutes from OdihoGavalo, Kolymbari with our newest very professional partner: Royal Octopus Dive Center.

In OdihoGavalo we suggest holidays with lots of opportunities for discovery, activities that you perhaps have never done while dreaming  about...

All you have to do is to book your stay with us to take advantage of these exceptional discounts that only OdihoGavalo offers you ... Hoping to see you soon!

Suzanne & Marc

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