One, two, three ... galloping !!!

OdihoGavalo , the house, the view,

It can be horses too...

horseback riding

By staying in OdihoGavalo you will be able to enjoy the activities, walks, first experiences ...

And so we suggest you a great place in the Cretan nature where the whole family can ride horses, with walks of one hour or more, from beginners to riders emeritus ..

A place where you can also indulge in archery, follow the paths of walks, feed you at the "Taverna", taste the organic products of this place ...

And that's another reason to spend your holidays with us at OdihoGavalo and take full advantage of them and at a lower cost ...

So do not wait any longer to book your stay. The Crete Island as OdihoGavalo have so much to offer you ...

Suzanne & Marc

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