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For Christmas, the New Year, Easter’s cretans trips…


So we’re very close to the good meals, the alcoholic beverages, and the island of Crete’s nature has planned everything so your tomorrows will be almost normal…

Thus already in the year 2700 BC the famous plant called dictamy ( origanum dictamnus) that grows on the rocky slopes of the Cretan mountains was already a well known as recognized remedy.


Dictamy is a wild plant with small leaves of an almost silvery color, rounded and covered with down, and with flowers of a pink hue (flowering from May to August).

Dictame en fleurs

In a distant time the dictamy was used in a whole bunch of forms: healing ointments, perfumes, aromatic oil, soothing pains, properties that were intended as anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

We can find his traces in the Eneide of Virgil, Aristote, Hippocrate, Plutarque, Pline knew and talked about this "divine" plant ...

Some people today would today talk about a dictamy herbal tea as an  aphrodisiac properties beverage…

But currently and more commonly the dictamy would be recognized to heal wounds and skin wounds.

While the benefits of the dictamy have led to an overexploitation of this wild plant, it turns out that currently it has become a protected species and therefore not to pick savagely ...

On the other hand, no one forbids you from putting on your walking shoes, taking with you a little backpack with drinks and food, and from Odihogavalo to take an "exploratory" hike through the history of this Crete which doesn’t have limits on amazing us  ... 

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