Music Maestro!!!

You are right and you take full advantage of your days as of the discounted activities we are offering through your booking in OdihoGavalo and meanwhile you would like to enjoy the nightlife that the region has to offer.

So let  yourselves follow our advices and take advantage of the addresses we offer of a few pubs where to go, where to listen good music, live bands, as karaoke nights ...

And so our proposals are rather in Chania where the choices are not lacking depending on what you are looking for.

So for those among you who enjoy the atmosphere with excellent rock music, have a sit at the Avalon Pub (Akti Kountourioti street, 3) .

For great cocktails and good atmosphere as well as karaoke, we recommend the KLIK Bar (Sourmelis street,2) 

For a good coffee, but also to discover various Cretan - Greeks beers, take your tickets at: Ryde cycle culture cafe (Daskalogianni street,52) 

For various live music go to:

Fagotto Jazz bar (Aggelou street, 16 ) 

As for a pub but with live traditional Cretan music, then it will be the :

Adespoto music taverna (Sifaka street). 

Of course pubs and bars are not lacking in Crete and more specifically in the region of OdihoGavalo, and nothing prevents you to test by yourselves other places...

And this list is actually more than succinct, but if that can help you to have an even better vacation; so enjoy it !

And first of all: Excellent Stay in OdihoGavalo

Suzanne & Marc

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