Markets to discover

With Odihogavalo you've got a lot of information ...

Here you are arrived in Odihogavalo, settled, you took possession of this house which will be your during your stay.

You have already enjoyed the beautiful view of this nature that surrounds you, the olive trees, the fields ...

Apart from the desire to visit the area, to see the village, to meet the Cretans, you will need to fill up with food, olives, Ouzo ... here are our suggestions:

Of course you can do your shopping in grocery stores (Voukolies or Tavronitis), you can even push to Kolymbari or you will find supermarkets (on the road or in Kolymbari).

But why not get involved directly with the local population in markets?Thus you will be able to appreciate from your arrival these scents, these colorful mixtures, this friendly atmosphere of the Cretan markets by choosing in an informed way ...

So apart from Sunday, you can enjoy a different market every day of the week as follows:Every morning you can go to the covered market of Chania (place Sophocle Venizelos),

Chania Market

"This cross shaped market opened in 1913.

The Agora is one of the most popular places in Chania for most of the week. Since the beginning of the 20th century, this dynamic market has been offering fresh produce and Cretan specialties to locals and tourists alike.

For many years it was an unattractive area on the edge of town filled with fishmonger stalls and shabby taverns. In 1911, the city decided to improve the market place. She was inspired by the market covered Marseille to achieve it. The building, in the shape of a cross, was completed in 1913 and opened to the public.) Source Expé

Monday is in Chania near the public garden (market in the streets),

Tuesday is Chania in the Nerokourou district,

Wednesday still in Chania near the cemetery,

Thursday in Chania near the municipal swimming pool,

Friday morning is at Kolymbari near the football field,

And finally Saturday morning is Voukolies.

This will be an opportunity for you to get your fill of olives and artisanal olive oil, local honey, Raki and / or Ouzo; depending on your desires…

Anyway since Odihogavalo the opportunities are sure to make you enjoy the atmosphere of these local markets and we invite you strongly. And as we say in Crete:YAMAS!!!  

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