Let’s share our Cretan adventures with you...

So with my wife Suzanne we have decided to share with you our own adventures in that Crete Island where we do feel perfectly well ( even if we don’t speak yet the Greek language and just have some words here and there…)

We there realized our dream of holding finally our own house after real long years of labour…

In these writings we will try to share with you our own enthusiasm which fills us up every time we return to Crete and then we’ll try to give you a maximum of concrete information, of “small tips”, of things to know.

Our wish is to give you useful tips as pleasant ones.

Though Gavalomouri is in the Chania’s region we have the habit with my wife to take a landing flight to Heraklion , and this for various reasons…

The first one is that we don’t have direct flights to Chania from where we do live , but it’s always possible to take an intern flight from Heraklion to Chania …

But the second reason is finally more important: the superb road to Heraklion!

Imagine a quite well maintained road, skirting the sea, broadside of trees and flowers bushes, where we never met road-hogs, and which allows us just after having get our car to fell elsewhere, really on holidays…

We even got used to rent the car by a Cretan company, less expensive then the other companies, but with a constant problem: impossibility to get a car with a full tank ! I believe that we tried everything but in vain and if we get a car with a half full tank we estimates ourselves as luckiest…

On the other side we have no obligation at all to give back the car with a full tank at the end of our stay …

Another advantage in driving to Gavalomouri is that we cross a lot of picturesque villages where we may stop wherever and whenever we desire to admire the landscape, to drink a good “ Café frappé” ( that local drink that we both largely adopted),

Or even to randomly discover a “tavern” filled up of Cretan locals and where for sure we’ll get a typical meal.

Thus for our last travel we stopped in a little “taverna” in a little hamlet and where we more then appreciated our Cretan salad followed by a grilled chicken and roasted potatoes, all served “ A la Crétoise”, with lemon juice: simply excellent!

And with the bread as the drinks it didn’t cost us more then 8 euros/person…So why not profit of that?

It’s a bout a two and half hours drive to Gavalomouri but with unspoilable views, blued splits, hills with goasts as sheeps, olive or other fruit trees, “Hellenic” mountains, a really not wearying road and more: just the opposite!

At my point of view the holidays begin as soon as we start to move towards the West and to impregnate ourselves with these landscapes, as well as that warm atmosphere and Cretan people kindness.

So, let’s your turn come...

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