July in Crete

In July in Crete: It's the party every day!

You are settled in your house in OdihoGavalo,

First floor terasse

you have already enjoyed the sea and the surrounding nature, you enjoyed the Cretan food, the cafe frappe, you took advantage of some activities (with discounts) among those we offer you...

You have decided by renting at OdihoGavalo (even though it is the beginning of the seasonal peak) of preferring the mountains and their traditional villages like Gavalomouri in order to escape the heat and the wave of tourists ...

And you wonder what you can still do, see, how to still enjoy your stay this July; so here is a maximum of choice that we suggest you for that July month:

You can discover the famous Renaissance Festival:

Two weeks in which you are immersed in the Renaissance period with music, theater and dance in Rethymnon.

You can discover the Heraklion Summer Arts Festival

Where from July to mid-September this festival of great international level offers you: dance, music, theater and cinema.

Festival d'été d'Héraklion

You can get acquainted with the Cretan diet, wine ... by participating in The Feast of the Cretan Diet which is organized the first week of July in Rethymnon. Here you will discover local specialties, regional products and traditional know-how. You will meet many producers who come to exhibit their products: cheese, honey, wine, raki, etc.

We also suggest you to discover the Cretan culture up close by inviting you to participate to the patronal feasts called here: panygiries (panigiria) in Alyvès and Phalassarna on July 26th. It is the occasion to celebrate the Saints with dances, music, meals, wines ...

In Heraklion we invite you to participate to the Cultural Festival of the Municipality (from 01/07 to 15/09/2019).

This is the discovery where every night you can enjoy concerts of classical and modern music, dance shows, art exhibitions, plays, entertainment for children and film screenings ... (These are no less than 150 different shows and 50 different films that you can see

And then as you understand that the festivals are not missing in Crete during this month of July we offer various folklore evenings (with meals, wine, music, dance ...) as the following festivals:

 YAKINTHIA FESTIVAL (in Anogia from 25 to 28 July). It is a cultural festival dedicated to love and hope. This year, July 27, will see a guest of honor named "Icarus of Modern Times", Kanellos Kanellopoulos, who flew from Crete to Santorini Island on his flying bicycle.

THE FESTIVAL OF SHEPHERD AND CHEESE in Zoniana (where the Cretan cheese is king as mytzitra and where the food is excellent developed among others by the Association of Chefs of Crete. And also an opportunity to help people by offering cheese ).

Go ahead, do not hesitate to discover this Cretan culture and its wealth; and we will be happy to assist you in your stay in OdihoGavalo, as well as to advise you!

See you soon!

Suzanne & Marc


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