Who thinks about Crete Island thinks also ceramics...

That's it, you are in Crete, you have settled in your nice house of OdihoGavalo,

OdihoGavalo, terrace 1st floor

you have already enjoyed the beach, some visits, the Cretan cuisine, various sports,

and why not going and deciding to discover also the handcrafts of the island?

If there is one area in which the Cretans are more than recognized is that of pottery, ceramics.

If it is obvious that the use of clay goes back to the end of time; while it had then all the practice side, or better the obligation for creating plates, dishes, amphoras ... the know-how, the dexterity, the love of this land of Crete engendered generations of craftsmen, and we may say of artists ...

Thus we propose you here to discover some workshops in the region of OdihoGavalo where you will be able to admire the superb potteries which make among other things the pride of the island.

Near Kournas (1 hour from Gavalomouri), enjoy the pottery "Terra Cotta", the oldest in West Crete, where the know-how is transmitted for 7 generations ...

No need to specify that all the potteries are hand-made, that they are adapted to the microwave and ovens, that they contain no lead residues or harmful substances ... And then these potteries are not only practical but simply beautiful !!

In the old town of Chania enjoy a stroll on the spot to discover the shop and the workshop Flakatoras. It is a family craft company that offers pottery full of freshness, and also offers pottery workshops (including for children). A place not only to discover, but where to stop ...


And even closer to OdihoGavalo (10 ') you can discover the handmade pottery of Michael Laventzakis who are all in color You can see the workshop adjacent to the shop and soak up the works.

Go ahead, and just enjoy your stay!


Suzanne & Marc

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