Ah that Cretan olive oil…

So we won’t repeat ourselves here when we’ll write:

  • that the Crete island is the third world oil producer, even if it’s true.

  • That what would seem to be the oldest olive tree in the world ( 3000 years old) is still to see at Vouves just close to Odihogavalo.

L'olivier de Vouves - Crète

  • That the most widespread Koroneikiest variety of olive in Crete is just excellent.

  • That the Cretan salad is characterized by an addition of: feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, red onion, lemon juice and oregano, and of course with the must: some olive oil.

That there’s no way to drive in Crete without being confronted with producers of that island nectar.

And thus at the Kolymbari’s open market ( the Fridays mornings) you will just have a real choice in meeting local producers selling their own products, their olives…

Obviously we went with that and after having received a little tasting (in the plastic bottle stopper…) we bought our bottle. Or to be precise, we lived the market with a mineral water bottle filled up with that delicious olives oil.

Here everything is direct and simple and the little producer will not try to sell you a bottle with a logo, an effigy or a company name…but uses what he’s got under his hand and which altogether is practical of use for him as for you.

Thus you obtain a product of quality, not expensive, full of authenticity and taste.

Our tip: If you’ve got one free Friday morning , go ahead and get some benefits in that proximity with these really charming producers. And…it’s just about ten minutes drive from Odihogavalo; so just let it be !

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